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Carnet de voyage in China
Ed. de la Boussole
29 euros                                                                                                                 Where you can find it? Exhausted publication, you can find it at the author's home -look for contacts- (with his signature!).

I wanted this travel book about China quite different from my previous ones about India, Portugal or Saharas, ripe with time and chiseled by working.
I wanted it to be fresh and cool.
I wanted it as fresh as coriander recently cut and spread over a shrimps plate.
In China, vegetables are far less cooked than in France. That's why they have a special green color, a crunchy sound, a unique energy. I wanted this book to have this crunchy, green, spontaneous and variegated aspect of Chinese cooking.

A face led me to China. It is not easy to fall in love with such a difficult country. It's a so huge, complex and unisciplined universe at first sight that you can only aproach it on the tip-toe - and with the fringe of the brush. As far as travelling is concerned, I like the idea of "'approaching" : the discovery of a country and its people can only be done through several attemps. This four months travel book in China reveals my first approaches of a country I've got a whole life to discover. Tha'ts just a appetize, a fresh vegetables plate that will be followed later by a cooked text.

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painter writer artist simon Paris Inde Chine
 Carnets de voyage  Chine Chine
painter writer artist simon Paris Inde Chine
 Carnets de voyage  Chine Chine
painter writer artist simon Paris Inde Chine
 Carnets de voyage  Chine Voyages d'encre
painter writer artist simon Paris Inde Chine