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Simon painter writer traveler Paris

Simon was born in Brittany. Since then, he has kept walking, drawing, painting, writing, reading, dancing and travelling. He's going on, but not without saying a word.
He lives in a suburb of Paris, and draws from his travels the quintessence of his way of living as a man, his inspiration as an artist.
"No artist should have a unique personnality. He ought to possess a few of them, clearing up the gross fiction saying that he should be one and indivisible. (Fernando Pessoa)

Simon is achieving several works at the same time :

-Painting centered on the study of the human body (see Painting)
-Another work as a traveller, painter and writer (see Travels Books)
-Different works with other artists (see Collective Works) and with the poet P. Audevart (see Painting and Poetry)

He now lives in Cachan, near Paris.


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Voyages d'encre
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Voyages d'encre Voyages d'encre

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