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Présentation de l'artiste Simon

Simon's work as a writer, painter and traveller celebrates the "movement" in space (travels here and there) with creative forms (drawings, paintings, novels, cinema, travelbooks,etc) as well as the inner movement of the Self which follows its different stages and metamorphosis.


He was born in Brittany (1961). Very early he read Jules Verne : straightaway a pact was signed with the idea of travelling. Awakened to the Arts by his parents from his childwood, he knew at 12 years old what direction he would give to his life : the conquest of Liberty through the creative act.


After his years of education, a time when he could never stand still and would dabble in everything, his life began to see some meaning. From now on, painting and literature became the two main oars of his boat. He now keeps sailing between literature and painting according to the direction the wind of his inspiration is blowing, intent on breaking the fetters and straitjackets of our Time.


He shares his time between working in his studio and his travels, his travelling studio. In 1996, came the main revelation : his six-month journey in India. "The second life had started". The East and West axis becomes the backbone of his work. He focusses his attention on the human question. From now on Simon's main theme of exploration of contemporary humans is the Body : Nomad Body, Body of here and there (portuguese, indian, chinese), precarious Body (Emmaus) , the common Body on human crowds... the erotic body- Bodies.

With time, Simon's work as a whole becomes the celebration of the multi-sided aspects of life. His paintings and his writings draw their substance from the vital experiences hence by his proteiform production : novels, children's literature, paintings (kisses, seascapes, Porto, Parisian roofs, pains, snakes, nudes, pregnant women) art books illustration with the poet Patrick Audevart (Talismans, Nudes) and his sketchbooks which never leave his walker's rucksack, in wich he can combine three liberties : to write, to paint, to travel.


Image : Little Shiva


Biographie Formation Présentation de l'artiste Simon

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